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jueves, 16 de julio de 2009

Summer Hits 2009 Megamix Vol 3: ultra naté/Guru Josh/Rebeka Brown/Fragma

In English
This is my tenth megamix, and the third volume of my Summer Hits 2009 megamixes, this session has 5 hits that I really love.

This tenth megamix is really special for me, because in my youtube channel (allelectronicvibes) my megamixes have been viewed more than 11000 times. So thank you for watching, voting and fovouriting my megamixes!

To celebrate this, I have selected 5 great tracks. I know that, except the last one, all of them aren't recent releases, but are special for some people I love and that´s what they are in here. 2 of them have been produced in my country, Spain (great house tracks with amazing vocals by Rebeka Brown). The video is on the bottom of this post. Enjoy this Summer 2009!

Download link/ Enlace descarga mp3:


1. ultra naté - Automatic
2. Guru Josh Project - Infinity 2008
3. Tikaro, J.Louis & Ferran feat. Rebeka Brown - Real things
4. Fragma - Toca's Miracle 2008
5. Juanjo Martín feat. Rebeka Brown - Millenium

En Español:
Este es mi décimo megamix, y el tercer volumen de los megamixes para este verano. Consta de 5 temazos que me encantan. A excepción del último, el resto no son muy recientes, pero van dedicados a gente que adoro, y por eso están incluídos. Dos de ellos, son producciones españolas, y son los que llevan la increíble y potente voz de Rebeka Brown. ¡Espero que lo disfrutes!

jueves, 9 de julio de 2009

Milk Inc 2009 Megamix 2009 Vol 3: Blackout Presentation

In English

Milk Inc Blackout Presentation Megamix 2009 is the special way I have found to celebrate the release of the 25th official single of Milk Inc. It´s my ninth megamix and the third for Milk Inc. Consists on a session that I have mixed in one go with Milk Inc latests hits to date (July, 2009), and a video mix that I also made for all the Milk Inc fans!! Milk Inc is the most succesful project of one of the best dance producer: Regi Penxten (the blond guy in the videos). I have had a really good time doing this, and I hope you like it too!! Milk Inc...forever! You can watch this new video megamix at the bottom of this post! 

Pepo Madrid

Download mp3/Descarga el mp3:
Milk Inc - Blackout
Milk Inc -Tonight
Milk Inc - Livin a lie
Milk Inc - Race
Milk Inc - Forever

En Español

Este es mi tercer megamix para Milk inc con motivo del lanzemiento de su vigésimoquinto single (25 singles ya,¡casi nada!), Blackout. Milk Inc es el proyecto de más éxito de uno de los productores de música dance más importantes: el belga Regi Penxten. Esta es una sesión que he pinchado del tirón, y que, posteriormente he montado el video mix con diferentes videos musicales y actuaciones de Milk Inc para todos los que somos seguidores de Milk Inc! Lo he pasado genial haciéndolo, ¡y espero que lo disfrutéis! Consta de 5 de los grande éxitos, o exitazos, de este grupo belga que adoro: Milk Inc ...forever!Mira el video, dale al PLAY:

Pepo Madrid

miércoles, 1 de julio de 2009

Lady Gaga Megamix HQ/HD 2009 Real Session: Poker Face,LoveGame,Just Dance & Paparazzi

In English:
Hi again! This is my eighth megamix: Lady Gaga Megamix 2009! It´s a tribute to the artist of the year. I have mixed the 4 singles she has released worldwide (check the tracklist). All of us have danced her songs in the clubs, and this week she is the only artist that has 3 singles in the "World Singles Top 20 Official Chart". I think that Lady Gaga does not need more presentation, enjoy!


1. Lady Gaga - Paparazzi (James Camareta Mix)
2. Lady Gaga featuring Colby O´Donis- Just Dance (Tony Arzadon Extended Club Mix)
3. Lady Gaga - LoveGame (Dave Aude Club Mix)
4. Lady Gaga - Poker Face (Dj Eric Nolin Mix)

Download mp3/Descarga el mp3:

En Español:
Este es mi octavo megamix. En esta ocasión, he grabado la sesión y editado los videos con los 4 temas que ha lanzado mundialmente la artista del año. Es la única artista que posee 3 singles en la lista oficial de singles más vendidos del mundo. El megamix consta de sus cuatro mayores éxitos, sus mayores hits, ideales para bailar este verano 2009!
También puedes ver a Lady Gaga en uno de mis Megamixes para el verano.

¡Dale al play!

Pepo Madrid

Dance Anthems Top Hits Megamix Top Hits Vol 1 Kate Ryan/Sash! feat Tina Cousins/Dee Dee/Trinity X

Hi again! Here I bring my seventh megamix! WOW! This time I have mixed 4 dance classic tracks, 4 authentic anthems of the late 90´s and early 2000. Why have I chosen these tracks?

"Track 1: Trinity X- Forever" comes from London and has an extraordinary melody and very trance vocals that I do love!

"Track 2: Dee Dee - Forever" comes from Belgium, made by the Ian Van Dahl producers, was a hit in 2001 in Belgium: top 13 and 18 weeks in the charts!

"Track 3: Sash! featuring Tina Cousins-Mysterious times": I felt that it was time to mix a "Sash!" track. "Sash!" is a great german producer that has sold more than 17 million of albums all over the world. With this track they got to top 2 in UK in 1998, and as I love the voice of Tina Cousins...I had no choice!

"Track 4: Kate Ryan - Désenchantée": I have lots of vynils of this Belgian artist (seems I love Belgian Dance Music,uh?) and with this cover of Mylène Farmer she reached top 1 in Belgium, top 2 in Spain and Germany, and so on! So this was a real hit in 2002! This is not the only cover that Kate Ryan has done, other Kate Ryan covers are: Ella Elle l'a, Voyage Voyage and The promise you made.

I have gave you a lot of info for this megamix, but it´s worthwhile! Click Play! And thank you for visiting my blog!

Pepo Madrid